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01 August 2037 @ 03:20 pm
There are obviously Wikipedia entries and somewhere a highly incomplete wikia, not to mention all the information on TVTropes. Being lazy at the moment, I won't bother to link. Just google it. However, I seem to be developing entries of canon resources. Being RP, some things are somewhat to extremely fanoned. That said, here is a compilation of the actually-canon resources I have created. Maybe one day I will just write the wiki myself.

The "Codex" tag ought to provide all of these as well.

The Codex )

Keep checking back; hopefully I will keep updating with new and interesting information.
Tavi of Calderon
08 September 2013 @ 08:14 pm
Part I: What you’re allowed to do:
I try to be chill. )

Part II: What I’m allowed to do:
Note: this may change should Tavi ever be canon-updated to have full access to his crafting.
Tavi is a formidable character any way you cut it, with or without furycrafting.
He calls himself an over-empowered engine of destruction. He is. )
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07 September 2013 @ 07:06 pm
Here for space-saving purposes:

The reasons he's not wholly broken: )
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05 September 2013 @ 04:34 pm
Your Name: Lee
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Under 18? If yes, what is your age?: Nope, quite over.
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Most of my life, I have been known as Tavi of Bernardholt, in Calderon Valley of Riva. Then I became Tavi Patronus Gaius, and Tavi ex Cursori. In the time you have known me, Crassus, my name was Rufus Scipio, Third Subtribune and later Captain of the First Aleran. But my name... )
Tavi of Calderon
In trying to edit/update this post, it dawned on me that the capabilities the healing talents of watercrafting are way too detailed to include if I wanted to make that post accessible either as a 'quick reference' for myself or other Aleran RPers, or anyone wanting to read about this.

As a result, here now are collected observations on what watercrafting can heal, with some notes on power level. Keep in mind that this is very quick-and-dirty, as there is a continuum of talent and skill, not discrete values. It is also done as much as possible by book canon; however, some inter-and-extrapolation was necessary.

A general rule is that watercrafting does take energy out of both healer and healee, but surprisingly little, for the most part. How exhausting any one injury is seems to vary inversely with skill, and how much seems to depend a lot on context (and possibly mindset). The standard Healer's Mantra to a patient (especially of an injury) after healing is, "Drink lots of water, eat lots of meat, get lots of rest."

Advanced medicine à la Romans with Pokémon )

Questions/comments/concerns, get in touch!
Tavi of Calderon
Tavi opens the door cautiously--for once no one's in the cabin, and he waves Noriko inside. Once he steps inside, though, he turns slightly greener.


"Sit there," he manages before heading for the door again. At least where she's sitting, she isn't immediately visible from the door. He opens it again, cautiously--good, ship this time.


After a few moments there are footsteps at the door. Whoever it is, the view is blocked by Tavi's body. "Tavi," a woman scolds, as if he were ten, "you're supposed to be--"

"I know," he cuts her off. "I just-- look, this is going to sound crazy..."

Her tone is sardonic. "Hardly unusual, dear."

Their voices drop for a moment, as Tavi explains Milliways. Then, skeptically, "I'm not sure I can--"

"Just come inside." He steps to one side, then grips the door a little too tight as he leans against the wall. The woman--who might as well be in her late twenties by her looks--takes a look inside--and blinks. "Believe me now?"

"Sit, before you throw up." She steps towards Noriko. "Oh dear." That is some serious damage.
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11 November 2011 @ 02:50 pm
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